University Student Package

This package is designed to help you through the entire process of coming to New Zealand to towards a diploma or degree.

We work with internationally recognized colleges and universities that provide a wide range of subjects (Agriculture, business, commerce, computer science, IT, law, engineering, science etc...) and levels (diploma, BS, MS, PhD) to chose from to obtain a prestigious degree recognized worldwide.

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Package Cost

Diploma $USD 260
Bachelors Degree $USD 260
Masters Degree $USD 310
PhD Degree $USD 500

Package Details

Counceling & Course Selection

We will assist you in making the right decision about your university education and course selection. We will conduct a professional evaluation of your qualifications and compare the same with the entrance requirements of the education institution you study at.

  • If your qualifications meet the entrance requirement then we will enrol you in the program and obtain admission.

  • If your qualifications don't meet the tertiary entrance requirements, don't worry! we will enrol you in specialprograms for university preparation. These programs are administered by the university or college. Upon successfully completing these courses, you will be automatically admitted to the education program leading to your degree of choice.

Expenses Counceling

We will outline the total expected cost of study i.e. cost of tuition and living expenses etc.

Orientation On Arrival

Upon arrival, we will conduct an orientation to take the hassle and confusion out of your New Zealand education experience.

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