Alayan & Associates

Dr. Mohammad Alayan

A&A Education Consultancy operates as New Zealand Registered Partnership. It was established in 2007 to bridge the need of Arab students for quality tertiary education with New Zealand Universities.

By the Grace of Allah the merciful, 2007 was a successful year and 2008 is moving to higher success. Since 2007, we have served several Arab students coming study in New Zealand and have designed custom English programs catering for the special needs of our female students and their children.

The founder and Director of A&A, Dr. Mohammad Alayan has lived, studied and worked in many countries around the world including Kuwait, USA and New Zealand. This exposure to diverse peoples, cultures, education and work environments has contributed to his sensitivity to cross-cultural issues. He understands the complexity and worries foreign students, and their parents, face as they prepare for study overseas.

His education, work experience and community services are integrated in structure and operation of Alayan & Associates Education services. Honesty, integrity, and a high work ethic are fundamental values for Alayan & Associates Education services.

Dr. Mohammad Alayan is also an active member of New Zealand Islamic community and the Muslim Association of Canterbury (MAC).


Located on the east coast of the beautiful South Island, Christchurch is a place where its residents continue to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle amidst a natural environment world-renowned for its beauty. Internationally famed 'The Garden City', Christchurch is a great place to visit, live and of course, study!

Christchurch is a multi cultural and welcoming city ideal for Arabic students. There are well established Arabic & Islamic communities so you will never feel too far from home.

The beautiful Masajid Al-Nur is located in the heart of the city making it ideal location for students wanting to attend daily prayers.

Many Arab shops and restaurants have opened in the last five years to cater for the needs of the Arabs in Christchurch.

Mohammad & Atta Alayan Christchurch Art Centre Christchurch Mosque Christchurch Avon River